Custom Scuba Wall With Magnets

Custom Scuba Wall With Magnets

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Artwork & Uploading Instructions : Please design your custom scuba wall at real size, and add 1″ of bleed. A 10′ x 8′ banner would be designed at 121″ x 97″ and then we will print and trim to the correct size. After placing an order please send custom artwork to with the order number and Church Name in Subject. Please attach artwork in PDF on a google drive link or dropbox link

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Our Custom scuba wall with magnets is a tension stretch polyester fabric. Grommets are on the top only with individual magnets. Our turn around is 7-10 business days. Great for Children's Ministry signage

What’s A Scuba Wall? 

A Scuba Wall is a large section of Scuba fabric with grommets at the top used to create barriers or cover walls. These large sections of fabric are custom-sewn to the exact size you need in your space! We can go up to 40 feet wide or up to 14 feet tall. 

Scuba Fabric: 

A double-knit poly fabric mixed with Lycra or Spandex. It has a very smooth texture and a fine gauge thread.

Top Grommets: 

Metal rings are installed on the top of our fabric to create holes that are used to hang the scuba wall. Sewn at every 12” and in each top corner of the Scuba Wall. 

How Does It Work? 

Scuba Walls can be attached to any drop ceiling or metal tracking via our Hook Magnets or Ring Magnets. Simply attach the magnets to the grommets at the top of the Scuba Wall and proceed to attach each magnet to the drop ceiling or metal tracking above. 

What Magnets Do I Need? 

Magnet choice ultimately comes down to preference and how you intend to use your Scuba Wall. Ring Magnets offer a more permanent installation to the Scuba Wall to save time on weekly set up and tear down whereas hook magnets have to be re-attached every time you set up your scuba wall. In portable spaces, we always recommend Ring, but if you’re planning on hanging your Scuba Wall long-term, Hook Magnets could work for you! 

Ring Magnets: 

Ring Magnets are heavy-duty magnets with a key chain ring-like attachment that is used to attach the magnet to the top grommets in the Scuba Wall. Once installed, these magnets can stay attached to your Scuba Wall unless you decide to remove them. 

Hook Magnets: 

Hook Magnets are heavy-duty magnets with hook-like attachments that are used to hook onto the Scuba Wall. These magnets do not stay attached to the grommets on the Scuba Wall and the wall must be hooked onto each magnet every time it is set up. 

Can I Use This Product If I Don’t Have a Drop Ceiling? 

This product was designed with the portable church in mind, that said, we have only personally tested our Scuba Walls using the magnets attached to metal tracks on a drop ceiling. We cannot recommend any other usage installation methods that have not yet been tested by us. 

How Do I Order? 

To purchase a Scuba Wall, simply select your preferred color and magnet choice, and then include the width and height of the area you are looking to cover using the drop-down menus on the product page. 

*If you have more specific measurements that you do not see listed, or need to receive a quote, please contact us for information. 

How Can I Submit My Artwork? 

Vector art is preferred. Artwork must be submitted as a 1:1 Real Size image at 75 DPI. We accept .pdf, .ai, or .jpg format. You can upload your images on the product page while placing your order or send an email to We can also accept submissions via Dropbox and drive links. 

*We cannot accept artwork that is made in ProCreate or Canva as these platforms do not allow for high-resolution exporting at such large print sizing. 

What’s The Turnaround Time?

Our expected turnaround time for this product is between 8-14 business days. If you need your order by a specific date or even sooner, please contact us! 

Washing Instructions

Spot Clean Only!

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